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Nd Yag laser tattoo removal machine with air cooling head

Product introduction

Laser tattoo machine is the use of laser blasting effect, the laser effectively penetrate the epidermis, to reach the dermis pigment mass, due to the extremely short duration of action of the laser (only a few nanoseconds) energy is extremely high, pigment mass in the instant absorption of high energy after the rapid expansion of the laser, rupture into tiny particles, these small particles by the body's macrophages after phagocytosis out of the body, the pigment gradually lighten and disappear, and finally achieve the treatment of These small particles are swallowed by the body's macrophages and excreted, and the pigment gradually fades away.

Advantages of the system

1. The use of professional YAG crystal rods, which effectively absorb the energy of the xenon lamp and greatly improve the energy conversion rate, making the pulse energy more powerful and the treatment effect more obvious.
2. Microcomputer self-control module design, operation parameters are clear at a glance, easy to learn. The automatic counting function facilitates scientific management.
3. Adopting double circulation refrigeration and intelligent control system, monitoring water temperature, water level and water circulation in all aspects, so that the machine life is greatly extended.
4. Integrated gun core design, shock-resistant, fall-proof, more stable performance.
5. stable working condition, support continuous 50,000 times (3Hz working condition) work without stopping.

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