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Multifunction diode laser hair removal + nd yag laser


1.2 in 1: Diode laser hair removal +Nd:YAG laser tattoo removal.
2.Work simultaneously or independently, one machine can realize the function of two machines, lower cost, more efficient and bring more profits to your beauty salon.
3.Multiple functions in one machine, including permanent painless hair removal, skin rejuvenation, skin whitening, laser tattoo removal, eyebrow and eyeliner removal, mole removal, freckle removal, age spot removal, etc.
4.Wavelength: 808nm 755nm 1064nm 532nm 1320nm.


Diode laser:
755nm Alexandrite (Near-Infrared): Specifically effective for fine hair, soft hair and light color hair.
808nm Diode (Near-Infrared): Golden standard wavelength for all hair types.
1064nm Nd:YAG(invisible light):Specifically effective for dark, tanned skin and all skin types.

Nd:YAG laser:
1320nm for laser carbon peeling;.
532nm for red, orange, pink and colorful tattoo and pigmentation removal.
1064nm for black, blue, brown tattoo and pigmentation removal.
755nm for spots removal, freckle removal, skin whitening and skin rejuvenation.


Machine technical specifications
Device Screen 12 inch color touch screen
Warning system Water temperature; Water level; Handle crystal temperature; Water flow rate
Language Choice English, Russian, Spanish, Japanese, German, Arabic, Italian...optional


Shield material Oxidation resistant metal
Cooling system Water cooling+2* TEC 450W cooling+Wind cooling+ Sapphire crystal cooling
Renting System Yes
Handpiece technical specifications
Laser type Diode laser Nd:YAG laser
Laser power 500w/600w/800w/1000w/1200w 500W
Spot size 15*15mm/15*20mm/15*30mm/15*40mm /
Wavelength 808nm/808+755+1064nm 532nm,755nm,1064nm,1320nm
Screen size of the handle 2.4 inch color touch lcd screen /
Pulse length 10~300ms 6ns
Energy density 10~140J/cm² 10-2000mJ/cm²

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