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Beijing UNT Technology Co., Ltd. will innovate a new series of Android operating system beauty equipment

With the rise of beauty economy, the scale of China’s medical beauty market has continued to develop rapidly, among which the non surgical light medical beauty market has shown outstanding performance, becoming a new growth point of the medical beauty market. The analysts of iMedia Consulting believe that the changes in the internal structure of the medical beauty market also promote the market development direction of the medical beauty device industry. The rise of non surgical medical beauty projects, such as Remage, will promote the development of photoelectric medical beauty devices.

UNT Technology Co., Ltd. has developed rapidly in the past five years, and has its own factory of 9000 square meters in 2021. And has developed a full range of beauty equipment with its own unique Android operating system: including Android diode laser hair removal equipment, Android EMS body shaping equipment, Android Velashape, Android frozen fat reduction equipment, Android tattoo removal equipment, etc.

It completely breaks the impression of traditional beauty equipment. It is not only more convenient to operate, but also can realize the data, visualization and manipulation of equipment management.

With the increase of market share of beauty equipment, the micro innovation of beauty equipment has become the focus of attention. I believe that Beijing UNT Technology Co., Ltd. will become a rising star of beauty equipment manufacturers and better develop the global market!